Centos on MAC Mini

This post is about my experiences installing CentOS 6.0 on Mac Mini ’07 model. Its an absolutely wonderful piece of hardware – 1.8Ghz, 2 G, 80GB. This had been running OSX for last 4 years and finally decided to move onto linux.

One of the problems with new OSX operating systems is they tend to run slower.

Steps to install:

1. Go to centos website and download 386 ISO ( i chose minimal edition can always install software and customize the environment)

This edition of mac mini runs on Core Duo chipset hence x86_64 is not supported.

2. Burn the ISO on a RW CD

3. Reboot the system and place the media on CD drive

4. Wait for a while until you see installer and follow the steps to install the application.

5. I chose to use the entire HD for linux, don’t plan to run osx on this anymore

6. create users etc and reboot system.

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