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Extend life-time on CF cards based file system

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Extend Life-time on CF cards

I use Smoothwall on a VIA custom server with 4 NICs. This board can accomodate only CF cards.
One of my observation CF cards lasted just 5 to 7 months, had to carry on Smoothwall maintance for every 6 months.

After some googling worked out following modifications can increase the lifetime of CF cards

1. Move /tmp to RAM by editing /etc/fstab and adding following entry

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs  size=512000m,exec,nosuid 0 0

2.  Update file system to ext2 partition, since ext3 does journalling as-well which means high IO.
Edit fstab and modify partition type.

UUID=a9425b1d-3d67-40fc-b2a7-4a4f686d8be9 /                  ext3    defaults        1 2

3. Add additional option noatime

UUID=a9425b1d-3d67-40fc-b2a7-4a4f686d8be9 /                  ext2    errors=remount-ro,noatime        1 2

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