The main difference between Proxy and Reverse Proxy Server

Proxy Server

The primary role of Proxy Server is to maintain safety of a client network. Suppose if you have multiple PCs in your intranet, and they want to reach a site on internet – the safest way of making this happen is to go via a Proxy server.

Multiple Client(s) –> Proxy Server –> Internet

Salient Features

  1. Firewall between intranet and internet
  2. Built in caching functions will come to aid in performance esp. while browsing static pages
  3. Secure end to end communication
  4. Protection of devices in internal network against attacks

Reverse Proxy

This is a reverse of proxy server, so works on the opposite side. When requests from the internet want to reach the services provided by servers then Reverse Proxy is used.

Internet –> Reverse Proxy –> Servers (Internal)

Any request coming from internet coming to access the servers, instead of exposing the internal server – reverse proxy is installed and function as gateway to access.

Salient Features

  1. Load Balancer – Reverse Proxy can load balance the requests coming in and direct to right server
  2. Aid in Security
  3. Protection of network


Hope this article help to articulate the key difference between Proxy Server and Reverse Proxy Server.

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