27 June, 2021 #Technology

Installing OAuth PHP extension on Linux

In this post lets look at how to install and configure OAuth PHP extension.

To begin with, if PHP is not installed on your linux system, go ahead and install it using following commands

$ sudo yum install php-pear php-devel (or) 
$ sudo apt install php-pear php-dev

Install php oauth package with the following command

$ sudo apt install php-oauth 

On a Debian based linux distribution, check if the php oauth configuration file exits and if the extension is configured to load oauth.so

Restart the apache webserver.

If no errors are reported, confirm if the module is correctly installed using this command

$ php -i | grep -i "OAuth"

You have successfully install the PHP-OAuth extension, now proceed with configuring the application using  https://openid.net/connect or https://goteleport.com.

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